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About Us

At Luxe Hour we're all about delivering world class products to discerning consumers who love quality, value and functionality. Our brand partnerships are built on years of trust, research and understanding, this allows us to select goods and services that truly deliver for our customers.

The name 'Luxe Hour' is derived from our owners years of experience retailing in the luxury duty free market. Luxe Hour is an acknowledgment of the industry shift where consumers no longer exclusively shop within a conventional 9am-5pm timeframe, but rather when they want, where they want. Luxury is now at our fingertips , at our convenience, at any hour of the day. Luxe Hour recognises consumer behaviour has changed, and we aim to be at the forefront of this. 

We're driven by our partnerships, with a desire to elevate Kiwi brands onto an international stage, thus offering worldwide delivery for customers, and bespoke solutions for corporations wanting to experience New Zealand goods.